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Tens Unit 3000 - TU3000 - Original Tens

Tens Unit 3000 - TU3000 - Original Tens

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Tens Unit 3000 - TU3000 - Original Tens
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    The Premium TENS 3000 unit includes lead wires, our self-adhesive reusable electrodes, 9-volt battery, hard plastic carrying cas and instruction manual.

    The Premium TENS 3000 provides pain relief for chronic nerve pain for the back and neck.. The Premium TENS 3000 is great for those who suffer from nerve pains. This product can help you with your pain management.

    There are 3 modes for you to test your comfort level for treatment. The overall design of this TENS unit features compact designe for easy handling and a belt clip for hands-free. The analogl system is simplistic and easy to change the channel, pulse rate, pulse width and timer. Remember, before use, you should consult with your doctor to ensure this is the best choice in therapy for you.

    We also recommend browsing all electrodes and wipes to ensure you have an ample supply to ensure proper stimulation.

    The manufacturer for this TENS is
    Carrying Case Yes
    Unit Size Small
    Output Power 0-80 mA
    Digital or Analog Analog
    Tens Timer Yes
    Product Type TENS
    Power Supply 9 Volt Battery
    ChannelDual,isolated between channels
    Pulse Amplitude Adjustable, 0-80 mA
    peaks into 500 ohm load each channel
    Pulse Rate Adjustable from 2 to 150 Hz
    Pulse Width Adjustable from 30 to 260 Microseconds
    Modulation Mode Pulse rate is automatically varied in acyclic pattern over an interval of nominally 10 seconds (in max 1150 Hz). The Pulse rate decreases linearly over a period of 4 seconds from the control setting value to a value which is 40% less. The lower pulse rate will continue for 1 second. Then increases linearly over a 4 second period to its original value. The original pulse rate will continue for 1 second. The cycle is then repeated.
    Burst Mode Bursts occur twice every second. Pulse width (adjustable), frequency=100Hz
    Waveform Asymetrical Bi-Phasic Square Pulse
    Timer 15, 30 minutes or Continue
    Voltage 0 to 40 V (Load: 500 ohm)
    Max. Charge Per Pulse 20micro-coulombs
    Battery Life Approximately 50 hours at nominal settings

    Electrode Placement and InformationOur Electrodes guide includes information in where to place electrodes, skin care tips or how to place re-usable electrodes.

    You may also browse our full inventory of TENS 3000 Electrode Pads.

    4.6 out of 5 | 79 Total Reviews

    Date published: 15/02/2017
    5.0 / 5 stars
    Looks just like the one I use at PT.
    Date published: 07/02/2017
    5.0 / 5 stars
    good price exelent service
    Date published: 04/02/2017
    5.0 / 5 stars
    Date published: 31/01/2017
    5.0 / 5 stars
    Date published: 07/01/2017
    5.0 / 5 stars
    I was extremely satisfied with this unit. At first I thought I should have purchased a more expensive version but I am totally impressed with this one.
    Date published: 31/12/2016
    5.0 / 5 stars
    Quick service. Good unit.
    Date published: 22/12/2016
    4.0 / 5 stars
    purchased wrong unit
    Date published: 19/12/2016
    1.0 / 5 stars
    So far we are please with our unit, however the battery that was included lasted less than 8 hours. I used it for about 45 minutes and my fiance used it about the same. The next time we went to use it, the battery was completely dead.
    Date published: 18/12/2016
    4.0 / 5 stars
    It\'s a life saver, provides relief for my back and shoulder. Great price too!
    Date published: 16/12/2016
    5.0 / 5 stars