Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Statistics Infographic – The Painful “Truth”

Chronic Pain Statistics that Reveal the Truth Behind the Epidemic

We’ve put together this infographic filled with real chronic pain statistics to help showcase how large the “chronic pain” issue is in the United States. From the 100 million+ who suffer from chronic pain to the over $635 billion dollars spent in the treatment of chronic pain symptoms, it affects one third of us (1 out of every 3 adults) at some point in our lives. These pain stats put real perspective on the issue of pain.

Chronic Pain Infographic

Special thanks to for providing information and statistics on the growing pain epidemic.

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Andy Peterson

A TENS Technology Expert at
His life changed when he was 19 and suffered a riding accident. He has suffered from back pain ever since his accident. His past has included addition to narcotic pain killers to deal with his pain Andy is now proud to be drug free solely using a Tens Units for pain control. Andy has a mission for everyone to have a pain management option available to them without the harmful side effects of narcotics.
Andy Peterson
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  1. William

    I had a Lamenectomy of the T9, T10, T11 due to the spinal cord being compressed. Suffered from Sciatic pain, and still do 4 years later after surgery. Sometimes it’s so bad I just want to stay in bed, and that just makes it worse. I am going out of my head with this pain. How can I use a TENS unit for my sciatic pain? I am on several anti inflammatory meds and opioids and am tired of all this chemical medication. please i need some relief, i am going insane from this pain………………HELP PLEASE!!

  2. Rocky Elkins

    Tens helps.That’s for sure! Peripheral Neuropathy in the feet.It has helped me regain much of the feeling in my feet. I used it 30 min a day for 30 days.As needed after that.

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    Pain is your body’s normal reaction to an injury or illness, a warning that something is wrong. When your body heals, you usually stop hurting. But for many people, pain continues long after its cause is gone. … About 25% of people with chronic pain will go on to have a condition called chronic pain syndrome (CPS).

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