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US 1000 3rd Edition Portable Ultrasound Unit | DU1

US 1000 3rd Edition Portable Ultrasound Unit | DU1005

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US 1000 3rd Edition Portable Ultrasound Unit | DU1005
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    US 1000 3rd Edition Portable Ultrasound device comes with ultrasound gel, ac adapter, instruction manual and carrying case.

    US 1000 3rd Edition is an FDA approved portable therapeutic ultrasound unit. New, Now with 3 power output settings.

    The manufacturer for this Ultrasound is Current Solutions
    Carrying Case Yes
    Unit Size Large
    Digital or Analog Digital
    Product Type Ultrasound
    Power Supply A/C Adapter
    Total Size 22.51

    Power:Switch adaptor

    Input:AC100-240V.50/60H* Output: DC24V

    Frequency1MHzi 10%

    Type:Non focusing

    Pulsewidth8% 0.5ms r 10%; 14% 1

    Repetition,:150 Hit 10% ipow


    Temporalmaximum power : 4W i 20%

    Temporalmaximum effective intensity: 0.65W/cm's 20%

    ERA:6.16 square centimeter l 20%


    Auto-timesetting: 30 rt

    Outputintensity :low(8%).Medium(14%).High(29%)

    Sizeof main unit: 172(L) ? 54 (W)- 42(H) mm

    Weightof main unit. 120grams

    4.4 out of 5 | 10 Total Reviews

    Not too bad does the trick. Would be better if angled at the transducer for more comfortable handling.
    Date published: 04/03/2017
    3.0 / 5 stars
    Very help full for my back
    Date published: 28/08/2016
    5.0 / 5 stars
    probably becuz it's not worth it...!
    Date published: 28/08/2016
    3.0 / 5 stars
    Very easy to use. I hope it will help my plantar fasciitis.
    Date published: 27/08/2016
    5.0 / 5 stars
    I haven't used this product very much. Overall the design is good, easy to hold and use. It seems to work ok.
    Date published: 21/08/2016
    4.0 / 5 stars
    Absolutely easy to use with simple basic controls. I will add to the review after I use the unit for awhile to see how effective it is for my problems. I have always wanted an ultra sound unit but did not know you could get one at this price point.
    Date published: 26/07/2016
    5.0 / 5 stars
    Model US10003 Portable Ultrasound Machine
    Date published: 17/07/2016
    5.0 / 5 stars
    Good price. Good unit.
    Date published: 09/05/2016
    4.0 / 5 stars
    Love this machine works well.
    Date published: 04/06/2015
    5.0 / 5 stars
    My Dad had bought one for back pain and it gives him good relieve for sometimes weeks at a time. We decided to get one since husband and I both have chronic neck and back pain. It works well and does give relieve. Hoping with more use we will get longer lasting results, but just started using. Wish us luck!
    Date published: 03/11/2014
    5.0 / 5 stars